What do you offer?
We offer one package: Full day wedding photography from bride/groom prep to when the party gets going! We don’t believe in putting a time limit on a wedding day. In our experience things very rarely run on time at weddings and who wants photographers leaving if there’s still special moments to capture.


How many photographers will there be?
There will ALWAYS be two photographers one of which will always be Lyndon. We believe that two photographers can really capture every detail of the day without missing a thing. Plus two heads are better than one!


How many photographs will you take?
Thousands. No really, thousands! We have multiple cameras and an endless supply of memory cards so we won’t stop shooting until we get it all.


Do you back up your photos?
Duh, of course! We’ll save them for a good few years so if there’s any unexpected disaster and they’re wiped from the face of the earth we’ll still have them all safely tucked away on a hard drive.


What do we get at the end?
You will get roughly 500 pictures, fully edited, in a mixture of colour and black and white. This might not seem like a lot from the thousands we take but you’d be surprised at how many pictures we take where people have their eyes closed, Aunt Bettys hat blocks the view at the last second or something just isn’t quite perfect. Plus, we take a load of frames of the same scene and you don’t need duplicates of the same shot.
All the photos will be checked for sharpness, colour corrected if needed and tiny amendments made where we see fit so everything looks it’s absolute best whilst remaining natural. What you get will be the best of the best.
They will be put on to a bespoke USB and presented in a box jam packed with some of our favourite prints from the day, all ready to print or share with your favourite people.


How long after the wedding will we get our photos?
We aim to have the photos turned around within 4 weeks. During the summer months when we are at our busiest it may be slightly longer but we’ll always send you some teasers shortly after the big day to keep you going!


Do you do destination weddings?
Yes. We LOVE destination weddings. Travel and accommodation for 1 photographer would need to be covered however.


Do we need to pay a deposit?
Yes please! £300 at the time of booking puts your date firmly in our diary.